Satellite Is A Man Made Probe Essay

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Satellite is a man-made probe that orbits the earth, satellite come in a variety of forms and usages including Television, Telephones, Navigations Business & Finance, weather, Climate and environmental monitoring, safety, land stewardship, development and space science. They affects people’s life though out the world, even without us knowing it.
The ideology of rocketry was thought of in World War II, it begin with the German 7.5 cm Leichtgeschütz 40 (light gun 40) used by the German Airborne troopers to take out bunkers and light armoured vehicles. This idea was eventually adopted by American’s Recoilless rifle. Bazooka was made lighter, easier to carry and it could fire HEAT rockets (High Explosive Anti-Tank) however rocket used by infantry was not enough, both sides came up with solutions. German Panzerwerfer 42 (Tank Launcher 42) a half truck mounted launcher held 10 HE (High Explosive) rocket into the launcher of the half-truck the rocket was accurate and covers a large area which made the explosions bigger, noise and smoke caused a psychological element of fighting . Russian responded with Katyusha, a truck equipped with 14-48 launchers, the rocket was inaccurate, frugal and takes long to reload, however it was extremely effective at delivering saturation bombardment (Carpet Bombing), and was feared by the German soldiers due to its ability to deliver 4.35 ton of high explosive over a 400,000 square metre radius. The distance howling sound of the…

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