Essay on Satellite Imagery And Its Impact On Society

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With the beginning of the Space-Age, and the first iteration of Satellite Imagery, society saw progress in many fields for the betterment of welfare, security and knowledge. This new form of imagery has influenced the way we monitor, map, plan and preserve our world, as well as how we perceive our universe. This study hopes to discuss the major changes satellite imagery has had on archeology, meteorology, and political or military surveillance. It will also include a brief discussion at the end of each topic where applicable, involving the impact Satellite Imagery has had on the welfare of the populace, urban development, the economy and what would be lost without the technology.
Methodological Statements
Research was mainly collected from five academic books. However, some basic information was collected from NOVA (distributed by the Public Broadcasting Service), which helped broadly summarize a few of the topics being discussed. While NOVA cannot be used as a source alone, the purpose of the information cited is to show other ways of using satellite imagery; based on the other topics discussed, examples provided by NOVA can be compared to the other uses, and reasonably concluded that they can also be used in the forms NOVA discusses. Ultimately, the purpose of NOVA is to create a reasonable assumption that satellite imagery has changed a broad range of uses, suggested by examples provided.
Conceptual clarification
For the purpose of this study, Satellite…

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