Satellite Communication System Essay

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Details of the Applicant
I am an understudy of the university of surrey, at present contemplating for a graduate degree in Electronics Engineering (Euro Masters) with great learning of both terrestrial communication systems and satellite communication systems. I have taken some major courses to empower me have the significant essential information to have the capacity to take a shot at this proposed research thesis. Find attached my CV for more information.

1. Introduction
1.1 What is been proposed
Communication systems is of upmost importance to the Military today. Without communication relevant information would not be pass across, proper decisions may not be made, which may lead to chaos, conflict and the life of innocents
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1.4 History
The use of these terrestrial systems for communication are not new. From the earliest time, the use of visible light as been a means of communication. Fire beacons or smoke signals were for simple communication. The use of heliograph mirror devices which uses Morse code flashes of sunlight using a mirror dates back to the 1800s. the heliograph mirror device greatly aided military operations. Several type of night signals that made used of prearranged patterns of coloured light mounted on ships, aided naval communication greatly. (Sterling, 2008).
In world war I, aircraft were used by the military to aid communication. There were used for observations, flying dispatches and scouting duties. By 1917, the British aircraft were using improved vacuum tube wireless and wireless voiced signals. By 1939, the major fighting powers had all improved their aircraft communication systems and capabilities (Sterling,
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Patent search US8718477B2E titled “Balloon network with free-space optical communication between super-node balloons and RF communication between super-node and sub-node balloons” by Richard Wayne DEVAUL, Eric Teller, Clifford BIFFLE, and Josh Weaver discloses methods of communication in high altitude using tethered balloons via optical communication and RF communication to a ground station via RF communication (DeVaul, et al., 6 May 2014) .

3. Patent search US 7046934 B2 titled “Optical communication system using a high altitude tethered balloon” by Surjit S. Badesha, Andrew D. Goldfinger, Thomas W. Jerardi discloses the use of optical communication between tethered balloons and satellite, and fibre optic cable between tethered balloons and the ground station (Badesha, et al., 16 May 2006).

4. Patent search US5949766 A titled “Ground device for communicating with an elevated communication hub and method of operation thereof” by Rodrigo Ibanez-Meier, Vijay Kapoor, Sergio Aguirre discloses the use of communicating between a ground surface and an elevated platform .

5. Patent search US6513758 B1 titled “High altitude platform control system by David W. Lloyd discloses means of using control systems for high altitude

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