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Satanism as a religious topic refers to the collaboration of philosophical and ideological beliefs on the character of Satan. Satanism officially lingered in the public offing in 1966, with the emergence of Church of Satanism. However, prior to the Church of Satanism, history shows that Satanism existed earlier. Earlier, according to historical facts, a group known as Sphite Cultus Satanas established itself in the State of Ohio in 1948. Sloane Arthur Herbert founded the Sphite Cultus Satanas group in Ohio. In the following years, other Satanism groups emerged in the world with diverse practices. Whereas, many Satanism groups emerged they all revolved around two trends, theistic Satanism and atheistic Satanism (Jesper 2009).
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Globalization and the technological advancement help in spreading Satanism ideologies around the world. Internet for example, plays a significant role in Satanism by creating awareness and promoting the ideas of Satanism. Satanism has spread widely globally, and it is estimated that, 100,000 Satanists exist in the contemporary world. Satanism ideologies spread to Eastern Europe in 1990, and in 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court debated the issue of protecting religious rights of inmates associated with Satanism. A lawsuit had been filed against the Satanists groups, prompting the Supreme Court to offer direction on the issue. Based on history and the changing times of the present day, Satanism as a religious belief prevails in our contemporary society (Jesper …show more content…
The Heaven’s Gate theology was officially heralded on the world by Marshall Applewhite, who after suffering from mental problems of unexplainable nature said that he was inhabited by the souls of extra-terrestrials from the “Kingdom of Heaven.” Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettle met in a Texas hospital, where Bonnie was the nurse, while Marshall Applewhite was the mental patient (Passintino 1997).
Heaven’s Gate theology cult groups front the gospel of suicide and escapism from calamities. Many groups of the Heaven’s Gate theology come and go based on the exploited exhibited by their leaders through seductive gospel teachings. Some groups exit tragically, based on the nature and context of their teachings that front certain ideologies on death. Heaven’s Gate theology comes across as the last stage of the vagabond transition of the Marshal Applewhite and Bonnie Nettle beliefs of delusion into a sophisticated suicide internet cult (Passintino

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