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De esign Th hinking and I Innovation at Apple
Th hink different. — Apple Advertising Slogan, 1997 e 7–2002 By the beginnin of March 2010, weeks after the dramatic debut of its iPad, A y ng Apple’s share price remai ined in the US$ 200 range, where it had hovered for more than f six month U d for hs—signaling solid g financ strength and future gr cial a rowth prospec as world e cts economies, an businesses continued t reel nd s, to from the worst rec cession since the Great De epression. Wit a market c th capitalization of nearly US 200 S$ billion and annual sales appro n oaching $50 b billion, Apple was now w e worth more t than the indu ustrial giant General Elec ctric
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S hs ch Surprisingly, Apple’s radi ical innovatio also came with consist ons e tency. Anyo who used the Apple II in 1978 and then picked u an iPhone three decade later would find one up es d a fam miliar object. So omehow the n new device w the same as the old one different, but the same. was e: Ap pple’s success was not just the result of clever str rategic moves or an innat sense of m s te market timing It came fro a deep com g. om mmitment to understandin how peop used comp ng ple puting device and es a desi to develop “insanely gr ire p reat products The iPod fa s.” amously aros from the al se ll-pervasive lo of ove music within the firm. At the same time, th enthusias remarkabl matched th needs, abi c f his sm ly he ilities, and d dreams of mi illions of cust tomers. And, for all these new markets that were conquered, A , e Apple kept i eyes on the core computer business. its e As Apple ven s ntured into new busines sses and fac ced an ever r-increasing number of fierce competitors, the roots of its su uccess puzzle many ind ed dustry experts and techno s ology pundits The s. fied conventi ional business logic and w not afraid to experime outside its core was d ent s company often def
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Professo Stefan Thomke and independent r or researcher Barbara Feinberg prepare this case. This c

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