Sarty Character Analysis

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Sarty is a young boy that is troubled and confused on how he wants to live his life. He is fighting between common morals and loyalty to his family more certainly, his father. With Sarty being a ten year old boy, this decision tears the boy apart emotionally before Sarty realizes how he will live his life independently. Abusive father, Abner, believes he can manipulate his family to help in committing crimes to innocent families before Sarty becomes brave and wants to live his life how he believes he should. Fear, hope, and individuality push Sarty over the edge and allow Sarty to run away from his family and live his life how he chooses after staying loyal to Abner for so long. Sarty is terrified about the consequences he will have to face …show more content…
Sarty is no longer scared of the recurring events in his life, but is now grieving everything Abner has put him through. Although Sarty is running away from home, he still has respect for Abner. Sarty is sitting on the hill crying about Abner being so brave and going to the war. Sarty is clueless to the fact that Abner is in fact not a war hero, but went to war to steal a horse. Now that Sarty is no longer under the pressure and control of Abner, he “[does] not look back” (Faulkner 1967). Sarty is now a young child that has taken control of how he feels and lives his life how he so chooses. Abner being a stoic and abusive father has pushed Sarty to become an individual who now is able to speak his opinion and stand up for what he believes in. Sarty is so scared of his father’s repercussions that he remains loyal to Abner for as long as he does. Hope for a change also is an essential reason when Sarty remains loyal to Abner and the rest of his family for as long as he does. Sarty is so hopeful that Abner will change that he sacrificed his own happiness for his father. Fear of his father, fear of being alone, and hope for a change in Abner allows Sarty to remain loyal to his family until the end. What stands between what you believe in and the people around you? Will you be courageous enough to conquer your

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