Cause And Effect Of Sarcasm

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Society has transitioned from being polite and appropriate to utilizing sarcasm and acronyms. Using sarcasm has become a skill acquired by those with creative minds, straining to communicate in a less invasive manner than their initial triggered response. “Some language experts suggest sarcasm is used as a sort of gentler insult, a way to tone down criticism with indirectness and humor (Chin 109).” Generally speaking, normal communication will be intertwined with sarcasm when one person is trying to make a point to the other, without being outright rude. Utilizing sarcasm can be rude and hurtful, although the person delivering the sarcasm makes light of the situation by attempting to be humorous in delivering their message. These messages …show more content…
Receivers and speakers view these remarks in different lights. Many times, the lack of control of our quick wit will end up getting us in trouble, culminating in hurt feelings and sometimes ending relationships, because the receiver heard something other than what the speaker intended. Everyone has different perceptions and this is what causes miscommunication. Sarcasm can be humorous and hurtful. It all depends on the tone of voice it was delivered with and who it came from. In delivering snarky remarks saturated in sarcasm, make sure the receiver is not going to take it in a negative manner and that you communicate properly that you are kidding and not intending to hurt the receiver or be judgmental in any way. Communication skills have changed in the past century. Sarcasm is a way of communicating that has become somewhat of a trend. It doesn’t always take into consideration the receiver’s feelings, but sort of just pops out of our brains, sometimes getting us in …show more content…
It’s much wittier to respond with sarcasm and make light of true feelings that could otherwise be hurtful. Does delivering our thoughts in a humorous manner make the remark less hurtful or does it project an unclear message, leaving the listener wondering if the speaker was just kidding or if deep down they meant to be rude and hurtful. Sarcasm can be used to relay a message in a gentler fashion, but is it clear communication? Communicating with humor when there is a serious meaning behind it can be misleading and cause discomfort and ill feelings between those involved. This type of communication can be misread, especially if the parties involved don’t know each other well, the message can get jumbled in the exchange. When sarcasm is used within a circle of friends the messages conveyed are probably more clear, since all parties involved know each other more intimately. Communication can take different forms and in today’s society, sarcasm is a common form used by many, even though the messages aren’t always clear or understood by all

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