Sarah 's Key, And The Novel, Night Essay

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The movie, Sarah 's Key, and the novel, Night, does not only focus on the strive for survival from their family, but it also exposed the aftermath of the two individual’s thoughts and actions after the atrocities that they have encountered. During their time in the Holocaust, Sarah Starzynski and Eliezer lived under unsanitary and inhumane conditions. Eliezer experienced many atrocities that can never be unseen, similarly to Sarah. Eliezer managed to survive after all of the horrible things he have encountered and found a positive light from the evil. He hoped to inspire others to speak up from violence in the future. On the other hand, Sarah passed away due to the burden she carried from her experiences. Although Sarah lived a shorter life than Eliezer, they both showed that although there are many struggles in life, an individual can get through it if he/she is motivated. Sarah locked her brother, Michel, in a secret room in hopes for him from being caught by the French police. Later on, she and her parents were sent to Vélodrome d 'Hiver, where she began to witness the atrocities. The non-Aryans were forced to stay in a humid area with an insufficient amount of food and adapt to sleeping near their defecates. Soon after, she witnessed others committing suicide by falling on top of high buildings. Knowing that she will not be coming back to her apartment anytime soon, she begged a random stranger to unlock the door for Michel. However, her father would not…

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