Sara Monopoli 's Death Was Peaceful But Her Process Of Dying Essay example

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Sara Monopoli’s death was peaceful but her process of dying was a struggle. In her process of treatment, she became frail. Her treatments had made her more ill than better and her quality of life had declined. All of Sara 's physicians were working toward saving her life. However, none of them really knew when to stop treating her aggressively. Sara, her family, and her doctors, wanted to fight and do all that can be done to get her well. They were fighting so hard that they might have missed the signs that these treatments were deteriorating Sara instead of helping cure Sara’s cancer. Dr. Gawande said, "My subject was to avoid the subject all together." It was good in the beginning that he didn 't want to keep Sara 's hopes up. He saw how optimistic Sara was and how much she was willing to try everything. He knew that giving false hopes would be wrong. However, in the end, he said, "Discussing fantasy was easier-- less emotional, less explosive, less prone to misunderstanding-- than discussing what was happening before my eyes." What Sara needed to know more than anything was what reality was even though fantasy was much easier to talk about, which might have led Sara to receiving aggressive treatments. All of Sara 's doctors were supportive of Sara’s optimism but no one talked about the reality that her cancer was not responding to treatments and an option was to give her body a rest from all these treatments and use her time and remaining…

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