Sapulpa Car Theft Report Example

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On November 2, 2016, I, Deputy John Arnold, went to Canyon Road Baptist Church at 8550 South 49th West Avenue in Creek County, Oklahoma where Deputy Brandan Welsh was completing a stolen vehicle report. Upon my arrival the victim had already left. Deputy Welsh stated the victim arrived at the church at approximately 6:15 P.M. and at approximately 7:15 P.M. when he went to leave church, he discovered his 2007 Silver Cadillac STS sedan missing from the church parking lot. While Deputy Welsh was sitting in the parking lot, Deputy Welsh contacted Creek County Dispatch to enter the Cadillac into NCIC.

Deputy Welsh and I left the church to go to an area where a known subject who has past history of auto theft lived to see if the car was at his residence. I was traveling North on South 33rd West Avenue from approximately the 6600 block when I observed a Silver Cadillac sedan traveling South on South 33rd West Avenue without headlights and I observed the
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Trooper Raines directed me to turn off my body camera. Trooper Raines had Deputy Welsh and I go stand near our vehicles.

At a later time, Sapulpa Fire Department arrived and began administering first aid to the female in my vehicle. I removed the female from my vehicle and removed the handcuffs from her and she was treated by the Sapulpa Fire Department.

Sapulpa Police Department arrived to assist with traffic control and Creek County Ambulance arrived.

Corporal Michael Marcum was on scene and ran a stolen vehicle check on the Cadillac. The VIN came back to the vehicle stolen from Canyon Road Baptist Church that Deputy Welsh took a report on.

Corporal Dru Davis arrived on scene and transported Deputy Welsh and I to the Creek County Sheriff 's Office to download our body cameras. We later were transported back to the scene to retrieve our patrol vehicles. We were released from the scene and returned to

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