Differences And Similarities Between Sappho And Katherine Phillips

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Sappho and Katherine Philips are two of the most influential writers and poets in literature. While both existed in two very different time periods, there are many parallels between the two poets and their writing style and lifestyle. Their poetry was about affectionate and emotional connections with women they cared for, which eventually led them to becoming a symbol for female homosexuality. Many scholars and historians would agree that both Sappho and Katherine Philips’ history are ambiguous and details about their lives may forever be unknown. Despite the mysterious details of their lives which seem to allude us, their heartwarming poems about sexuality are memorable and iconic in the realm of homosexuality. Although it was never certain whether these two poets were lesbians or not, their sensual writings about love and women seem to suggest otherwise. Born on the island of Lesbos in 630 BC, Sappho, known for her lyric poetry, created poems directed at the women she loved, and was also a part of a collective of women that she …show more content…
We then turn immediately to the girl crying over her parting from happiness with Sappho, her friend and teacher. "Oh what unhappiness is ours, Sappho, I vow, against my will I leave you” (DuBois 16). In a flood of tears, the girl displays a message of sadness over her loss of the wonderful feelings between her and her friend. But now Sappho answers her with her best possible guidance: “If not, yet I would remind you…of our past happiness. / Many wreaths of violets and roses and… you put around you at my side, / And many woven garlands, fashioned of flowers,… fit for a queen… And on soft beds… you would satisfy your longing” (DuBois

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