A Case Study: Sandwich Blitz

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Dalman and Lei I am emailing you both today because it has been recently brought to my attention regarding the growing number of customers. The operational level personnel have voiced a concern in regard to the increase of patrons that is causing an amplified number of mistakes in the service that we provide to customers. I was told this information from management that the staff has become overwhelmed by the need to work faster in the workplace to keep up with the increase of customers.
I have chosen to implement a new system to resolve this problem. I think we will greatly benefit from an e-customer order system. Using a system like this will allow customers to place their own orders, and lessen any miscommunication among the customers and
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Dalman and Lei are faced with lot of pressure to implement this new technology, and launch it in a very small window of time. The influx of customers has left Sandwich Blitz’s customer service team overwhelmed. Because of this the staff cannot properly fill the quantity of orders coming in, which in turn is reflecting badly on the quality of their business. The number of errors being made daily will ultimately ruin the good relationship and level of service we have been providing to Sandwich Blitz’s. And with poor customer service, customers will no longer choose Sandwich Blitz.

Another area of growing concern is the amount of support that Dalman and Lei will need from their middle level managers. Proper communication will play a major role in the success or failure of the new E-customer ordering system. Without proper and effective communication between upper management, middle management, customer service employees, and the technology team, the new program will most certainly fail.

Below is the email I have created. I feel it will not only clarify the need of the support to the managers, but it will also make sure they are properly prepared for this new
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We are aware of the progressively rising quantity of orders being placed. In today’s business, technology rules, and Sandwich Blitz will be no exemption. We have decided to shake things up for the better. After many meetings and much deliberation, we have chosen to implement a innovative E-customer ordering system. Using this type technology will not only reduce an excessive deal of stress currently affecting our stores, but will also bring back the level of proficiency our customer is used to getting. We feel that implementing this new ordering system will encourage us all to work together even more to reach a higher level of success. The prior method we were using was creating more mistakes and needless frustration. By allowing the customer to be more hands on, our employees will be able to focus more on the preparation of the food. This new system will alleviate many errors presently being made, and in turn reduce the stress level of the work

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