Essay on Sandra Cisneros And Amy Tan

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No two people are the same, not even with behavioral and cosmetic adjustments, two might get close to but never will. Identical twins were proven to be different from each other genetically while psychologically they tend to share similar taste and interest. Most friendships are formed due to similar taste and interest, even relationships form that way. Sandra Cisneros and Amy Tan share similar taste and interest. Both studied and majored in English at college, they had a family who loved and supported them, they went on to strive in their careers and were able to a name for themselves and be published on many scholarly works that are still being analyzed to this day. However despite their many similarities these two talented women do have their share of differences. While Cisneros did not have the same type of support that Tan had from her family, both went on to become successful authors while coming from an immigrant background.
Tan and Cisneros are both children that came from immigrant families who are of the working class. In the words of Cisneros herself in her essay “Only Daughter”, she states ‘“ I am the only daughter in a Mexican family of six sons.” Or even: “ I am the only daughter of a Mexican father and Mexican-American mother.” Or: I am the only daughter of a working class family of nine”’ (Cisneros 135). As an offspring of an immigrant parent Cisneros mentions some common Mexican items and some Spanish words she also shares how her family has moved in her…

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