Sandra Bland Case

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The case involving Sandra Bland and the Texas trooper Brian T. Encinia has been analyzed but the proof of Bland’s death still remains a mystery today. The case involving Bland and Encinia started when she was pulled over during a traffic stop. Encinia and Bland both escalated the situation that led to her arrest and later death. I think they are both guilty in their actions of making things worse during the traffic stop. In the past when people have been put in jail some have died there. Although the cause of death like in the case of Bland is not always known. Bland refused continued to refuse his order, and Encinia makes threats to remove her forcefully if she does not co-operate with his orders (Lai, and Park). The case that would follow proved how a cigarette …show more content…
The case of Bland’s death has been widely debated and discussed by many citizens around the United States and also by many experts on crimes and treatment of people. Sandra Bland was a native to the city of Chicago although, she had been in Texas at the time of the traffic stop (Lai, and Park). Ms. Bland was in the state of Texas to accept a recent job offer at Prairie View A&M (Montgomery). On her ride Sandra is stopped by Texas state trooper Encinia for failing to use her signal while driving (Montgomery). First the trooper takes her license and registration. He then returns to the car and orders Bland to put out a cigarette that she is smoking (Lai, and Park). Bland refused to put out her cigarette and the trooper then orders Bland out of her car (Lai, and Park). The death of the Chicago native in Texas has been widely analyzed and every detail of the case must be looked at before deciding how she died and if the traffic stop was handled correctly. During the traffic stop, some fighting went on for a while. After a while

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