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Module Title: Advanced Operations Management

Module Code: 6ME504

Module Leader: Dr Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes

Lecturer: Dr Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes

Coursework Assignment No: 1

Assignment Title: Management and

Organisational Behaviour

Weighting: 50%

Issue Date: 6th February 2013
Hand-in Date: 15th March 2013

Organisations are a fundamental feature of modern societies and the nature and scope of their activities affect millions of people. In this context, the decisions and actions of management in organisations have an increasing impact on individuals, other organisations and the community. It is important,
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Based on the organisational theory reviewed in class (e.g. division of work; centralisation and decentralisation; span of control; chain of command; formal organisational relationship; etc.) critically analyse and discuss the current model and propose modifications for its improvement if required. How does the new proposed model may improve organisational performance? – (21%)

3. Identify and critically discuss its culture and the factors that may have influenced it. – (21%)

4. Critically discuss, giving a specific example(s), a major change or changes it is currently confronting and comment on its probable implications. Describe how these changes have been managed and the degree of success achieved or expected. – (21%)

Report’s basic requirements (Appropriate structure and logical development of discussions, Harvard referencing, introduction & conclusions, formatting, etc.) – (16%)

This is a formal academic report. Therefore, it must clearly demonstrate the use of the appropriate management and organisational behaviour theory to carry out the analyses and an appropriate level of discussion, which may be complemented with your own experience, opinion and conclusions.

Submission Requirements

Refer to the assignment’s brief.

This is an individual assignment

Reading Materials
Students are expected to primarily base their research and

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