San Antonio 's Green Spaces Essay

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¡Viva la San Antonio! San Antonio is America’s 7th largest city with a population of just under 1.5 million residents. With a continually growing population and a projected growth of 7% by 2021, it’s no wonder the city is starting to feel a bit cramped. However, with an unproportioned amount of development focused on preparing the city for the surge of new residents, investments as well as interest in green spaces has dropped exponentially. Is improving San Antonio’s green spaces worth the investment? OR Should more money be put into San Antonio’s roads instead of green spaces. Or “San Antonio was given its name on June 13, 1691, because that was the feast day of St. Anthony of Padua-- and the day that a Spanish expedition came to the river they called Rio San Antonio. But San Antonio was not founded until 1718, when its first mission and first presidio were established at San Pedro Springs” (Journal of the Life and Culture of San Antonio). One of the most famous events of San Antonio history is the famous Battle of the Alamo in which hundreds of San Antonians as well as Texans died protecting the idea of a free State of Texas. Because of this, as well as many other historic events in San Antonio’s history, the city is home to tens of historic sites, landmarks, and parks. However, these attractions in combination with a low cost of living, have caused the city to grow rapidly and projected a 7% increase in San Antonio’s population by the year 2021 (Deficient Roads Cost…

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