Samsung Vrio Analysis Essay

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Question: [Analyze a strategic issue facing Samsung Electronics Company]

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Samsung Electronics Company (SEC), Ltd
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Figure 1: SEC division and percentage revenue generated

(Samsung Electronics, 2014, p. 25)
As part of the CE industry its products can be substituted for similar products from its rivals (hardware &software) however from the supply side although consumers are unwilling to substitute with different products i.e. a TV for a smart phone the products can be produced from the same manufacturing plant and use the same distribution channels.
Competitors in the various markets
Figure 2: Market share of mobile and smart phones

(IDC, 2015) (, 2015)
Figure 3: Consumer electronic sales for 2015

(, 2015)
Figure 4: Global market share of LCD TVs amongst manufacturers

(, 2015)

Figure 5: Global market share of NAND memory manufacturers

(Strategic Mangement insight , 2015)
With regards to geographic boundaries Samsung is a global conglomerate with a presence in over 80 countries and is competing on a global scale with industry rivals who are doing the same in similar markets (Samsung Electronics, 2014).
Samsung is the industry leader in TVs, memory chips, mobile & smart phones and LCD monitors with the highest revenue and market share (, 2015) (IDC, 2015). It has the 2nd highest research and development expenditure in the world (Asif, 2015) & the largest patent

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