Samsung Note 5 Analysis

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TL;DR: The Note5 is a more mainstream orientated phone with an amazing screen, camera, internal specs, and design but leaves behind features that many older note fans loved, such as no removable battery, no sd card slot, and no IR blaster. If you 're considering this phone, also look into the note 4!

I 'm going to go ahead and start out with what I DON 'T like about this phone.

1) No sd card slot.

Sadly, this is the main feature that I would say is missing from this phone. Without an sd card slot, you 're stuck with samsung 's only two storage size options, 32gb and 64gb. The very least they could do is add an 128gb option for those who want more space, but long gone are the days of cheap added storage.

HOWEVER, it seems like the main
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I would say the average user does not take advantage of this feature in the first place, and as far as battery degradation goes, Samsung offers battery replacement for free (not including shipping) if your battery capacity falls under 80% within the first year which is a nice safety net to have. Although the Note5 sports a smaller battery than the Note 4, from my experience and many other user 's experiences the Note5 actually lasts longer! This is due to improvements in optimization and display efficiency. And just like the Note 4, the Note5 also charges very fast, in an hour I get about 80% charge from 0 meaning that most users should not have an issue with the battery …show more content…
Just like most new flagships, this phone is an absolute power horse. I have experienced no lag with this phone, and I doubt anyone would be disappointed. The added 1gb of RAM compared to the Note 4 is also a nice addition, allowing for smoother multitasking and better performance using touchwiz 's features such as multi-window.

3) The s-pen.

Samsung has improved their stylus even more this iteration, with my favorite new features being it 's new clicky top which is fun to play with and allows it to be flush with the phone, and it 's ability to pull it out and use it on on the screen at anytime to quickly take notes when you need. However, I would say most users would not use the s-pen much, but it 's a nice feature to have.

4) Battery life + quick charge features.

As mentioned earlier, this phone has great battery life the quick charging feature is very nice to have. I never have to worry about my phone dying, and even when it 's close I can use ultrapower saving mode until I get to an outlet where in 30 minutes it can easily charge enough to last half a day.

5) The

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