Samsung Case Study Essay

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Maintaining the “Single Samsung” Spirit: Recommendations for a changing environment



1.a. Samsung: - Philosophy - Culture - Values - Human Resource Policies

1.b. Philosophical grounding of Samsung’s Value System: - Ontological Assumptions - Agency Assumptions - Epistemological Assumptions

2.a. Current Challenges facing Samsung’s NEO program: - A Changing Profile of New Samsung Employees - A Shift in Generation Values

2.b. Recommendations for the Restructure of the NEO program - A Positivistic Approach - An Interpretivistic Approach


Samsung has grown to become of the
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1.a. (iv) Samsung’s Human Resource Development (HRD) Policies
Samsung’s approach to HRD is largely characteristic of the company philosophy instilled by Byung-Chull Lee regarding a deep involvement with its employees. Samsung emphasises the importance of maintaining interaction between management and the workers below them in production plants and R&D.

Further, Samsung was the first South Korean multinational to start using a competitive recruiting system aimed at procuring the services of the brightest minds the nation had to offer. Ultimately then, Samsung’s HR policies are built upon securing and retaining the best talent, no matter what the cost.
1.b. The philosophical grounding of Samsung’s value system and HR policies
The Samsung corporate philosophy and related values and culture most closely identify with a predominately interpretivistic perspective. This is explored in relation to the underlying assumptions that form Samsung’s corporate identity.

1.b. (i) Ontological assumptions
Samsung takes a primarily constructionist approach to what constitutes its organisational reality. Its corporate philosophy, culture and values are built on deriving meaning from social interaction and “intellectual creativity” (Gun-Hee Lee cited in Khilji, Oh and Manikoth 2011 p.4). Samsung’s philosophy, particularly under the leadership of Gun-Hee Lee, is that its collective success

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