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Young smoker and peer pressure
Young people start smoking because of peer pressure
Background / Secondary research

There are some information about young smokers and why do they start smoking of three websites, such as (2014), Helpwithsmoking (2014), (2014). This essay will compare and contrast those informations.
With respect to all of three websites pointed out that most people start smoking when they was at teenages. (2014) and (2014) showed that people start smoking because of many reasons, that is : Parental and sibling smoking, smoking by friends and peer group members, by tobacco marketing. Next to all of this reason, there are
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The highest of percentages is almost 90% in curiosity then the second is 70.59% in peer pressure, the third is 64.29 % of people feeling bore so they start smoking. The lowest is 9.09% in family influence and media/advertising influence. Moreover, there are a lot of people are not start smoking when their parent or sibling who smokes and effect of media/advertising (90.91%).

With respect to question 7, which is show information why people smoke now. The reason make people keep smoking is addiction, it take the highest percentage (75%). Boredom and peer pressure is another main reasons make people smoke now with 64.29% and 45.54% respectively. Moreover, percentage of people are not smoke now because of family and media/advertising influence is 87.50%. With above result we can see people start smoke will quickly become addicted and they will keep smoking.

The information is takend from result showed that most of people start smoking because of peer pressure, it is difference from article’s information, which is pointed out that the main reason make people start smoke is because of their parent and sibling who smokes. Moreover, there are the lowest percentages of people start smoking by family influence while article’s research is the

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