Sampling and Work Study Essay

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1. Statistical Literacy: You are conducting a study of students doing work-study jobs on your campus. Among the questions on the survey instrument are:
A. How many hours are you scheduled to work each week? Answer to the nearest hour.
Answer: Hours would vary due to it being a work study. My guess would be that the hours would be after school hours. 18-25 hours per week
B. How applicable is this work experience to your future employment goals?
Answer: These answers would vary also because my assumptions that the work study would be somewhat helpful for future employment.
Respond using the following scale: 1. not at all, 2 somewhat, 3 very
(a) Suppose you take random samples from the following groups: freshmen, sophomores,
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Fifteen people called in and nine said yes. What is the implied population? What is the variable? Can you detect any bias in the selection of the sample?
Answer: 15 is the implied population. The variable in this situation would be each candidate’s financial situations.
3. Simulation: TV Habits One cable station knows that approximately 30% of its viewers have TIVO and can easily skip over advertising breaks. You are to design a simulation of how a random sample of seven station viewers would respond to the question, “Do you have TIVO?” How would you assign the random digits 0 through 9 to the responses “Yes” and “No” to the TIVO question? Use your random digit assignment and the random-number table to generate the responses from a random sample of seven station viewers.
Answer: I would assign the digits 0 to 9 so that each person could rate how much they enjoyed having TIVO.
General: Type of Sampling Categorize the type of sampling (simple random, stratified, systematic, cluster, or convenience) used in each of the following situations.
(a) To conduct a reelection opinion poll on a proposed amendment to the state constitution, a random sample of 10 telephone prefixes (first three digits of the phone number) was selected, and all households from the phone prefixes selected were called.
Answer: Random Sampling
(b) To conduct a study on depression among the elderly, a sample of 30 patients in one nursing home was used.
Answer: Multistage

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