Sampling and Research Essay

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RBUS2900 Course Summary

Lecture 2 – Scientific thinking and building blocks of research
GOOD Research entails
Clear research objectives
Sound research design
Contain sufficient detail to allow another researcher to repeat the research
Data should reveal its significance and use appropriate methods of analysis
Conclusions should be confined to those justified by the data
Should include the flaws in the design and their impact upon findings
A good researcher reputation gains more respect and reliable findings
The Scientific Research Method:
Encounter curiosity, doubt, barrier, suspicion or obstacle
Attempts to state the problem, ask questions, contemplate existing knowledge, gather facts
Proposes hypothesis to explain the
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Types of Relationships:
Correlational relationships – state that the variables occur together in some specified manner without implying that one causes the other. Eg. Advertising expenditure and sales, not implication that they affect each other, OR, rainfall in Germany and AUS GDP.
Causal relationships – an implication that the existence of, or change in, one variable causes or leads to an effect on the other variable. Causal variable is called the independent variable and the other the dependant variable. Eg. Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, or, job performance and job satisfaction.
Models – a representation of a system which is constructed for the purpose of studying some aspect of that system or the system as a whole.
Lecture 3 – The research process, problem formulation and research ethics
The research process
STEP 1 – Formulate the Problem
The research process begins with the recognition of a problem or opportunity
Problem – a situation requiring some type of action (Eg. Poor customer service or brand image)
Opportunity – presence of a situation where performance can be improved by undertaking new initiatives (Eg. Arnotts – demand for healthier food)
Symptom – mere evidence that a problem exists (Eg. Loss of market share, drop in sales)
Role of the researcher – once a problem or opportunity has been senses, the researcher comes into the picture
First responsibility is to work with the managers to clearly articulate the management

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