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1. Compare and contrast traditional Hmong birthing practices with those in the United States. Because the Hmong culture varies so differently from that of American practices, significant traits can be compared from each way of life. One of these differing practices is childbirth. Typically, Hmong women do not go for regular checkups, let alone see any medical professionals, for the duration of their pregnancy. Once it comes time to deliver the child, the mother gives birth in her own home, by herself, without making a sound as to not “thwart the birth” (Fadiman 1997, 3). No epidurals, medication, housewives, or nurses are utilized and the mother tends to take care of everything on her own. The only assistance the woman receives is a cup …show more content…
(Fadiman 1997). Traditional American childbirth, however, includes regular doctor checkups and progress reports on the status of the unborn child. “Providers generally offer women an array of screening and diagnostic tests during their pregnancy. A screening test identifies an increased risk of a problem. A diagnostic test diagnoses the problem being considered. For example, the prenatal Quad Screen may identify a woman as having an increased risk of having an infant with Down Syndrome” (Leggitt, 2013). The woman generally forms a relationship with her doctors and visit the same healthcare professionals during the entire process. When the child is ready to come into the world, the woman returns to the hospital for birth, utilizing epidurals and other medications to ease the pain of childbirth. Rather than standing upright, American women lay on a table or bed in a sterile environment with sterile tools and an accredited physician. Women can also opt for a caesarean section rather than natural childbirth if there is a preference or a medical emergency. Immediately after birth, a baby’s vitals are taken, including respirations, weight, blood pressure, reflexes and state (such as crying). These are recorded as apgar scores. Medical histories are also recorded, such as the baby’s birth date, the mother’s birth date, and the child’s footprint. Silver Nitrate

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