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What’s the best/most effective thing you do for your hair? C: Well the first of my 5 step program that I can’t live without for my hair are protective updo styles. The reason why I say protective updos is because any style you see in the pictures featured here are always about 150 loose twists. You can have a protective style but wear it down as well. I definitely see a difference in moisture and overall health of my hair at the end of the week due to protective updo styles.

The second would be MOISTURE and when it comes to my texture more moisture is better. I began the use of all natural oils about 4 months ago and must say I did notice less shedding, and itching of the scalp has become almost non-existent.

The third step would be
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I detangle once a week with a mixture of coconut, jojoba, rosemary and castor oil which definitely aids in a smoother detangling session along with the use of some major “fine silk like PATIENCE”. Another weapon of war for me is the fingers (which doesn’t sound quite right now as I say it) but finger detangling is a necessity for my hair, it just ain’t happening without some finger action first.

As for my day to day hairstyles, I usually where my hair in about 140 (yes 140, lol) LOOSE twists which gives me easy access and protection to altering my hairstyles without the stress of having my hair loose. For the past 4 years I have been wearing protective styles basically non-stop. I love an afro as much as anyone and at one point in my hair journey this was my staple but it didn’t work for “me” and living in NY, especially with the wind and brick cold weather my hair suffered with dryness and split ends. Also for my hair type the afro just wasn’t low maintenance as my hair grew longer and I had to keep manipulating it due to an active lifestyle.

I moisturize regularly with a mixture of coconut, jojoba, rosemary and castor oil but learning how much product to put in my hair has been a learning process. Back in the day I definitely had the Coming to America “Soul Glo” (all upholstered furniture beware!) but I can now say since I am becoming very familiar with my hair I am now 4 years “Soul Glo” free! In the past when my hair was dry I would just coat it with grease

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