Sample Workplace Fraternization Policy Essay

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Consensual Relationship Agreement
Despite their imperfections, love contracts can help protect employers from exposure to employment discrimination lawsuits, including the ever-growing flood of retaliation claims, which rose to the No. 2 charge filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in 2007.
Problems with love contracts can be minimized if they include: • A reference to or recitation of the company’s sexual harassment policy and an acknowledgment that the employees are familiar with the policy. • An affirmation that the relationship is consensual and freely entered into, and that each employee agrees to waive the right to assert a claim for sexual harassment for any conduct by the other prior to the
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Fair Enforcement
To be certain that the policy is applied fairly and consistently, if management or HR becomes aware of a workplace romance, someone should be designated to approach both members of the couple and ask them to sign a love contract. Signing is voluntary as mandatory signing could violate a right to privacy issue. Last, but very importantly, love contracts have not yet been tested in the courts.
Workplace romance policies should apply to all employees in the company, including senior management. The policies should be well-publicized, updated annually, and incorporated into employee training, and should contain a clear explanation of the organization’s procedure for investigating and responding to claims. Employees should be counseled that even though the company may not prohibit dating between employees, displays of affection are simply not acceptable in the workplace.

Sample Workplace Fraternization Policy

Our company has a policy prohibiting sexual harassment in the workplace. This policy applies to all employees of the Company, including supervisors, managers, and executives. While the Company does not encourage co-employee dating or entering into consensual social relationships with other employees, the Company cautions employees not to let such fraternization affect their job

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