Sample Student Publication Constitution and by-Laws Essay

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We, the staff of the Torch Publications, imploring the aid of Divine Providence, in order to adhere to the ideals of an autonomous, pro-student and pro-people student publication responsive to the needs of the academe and the community shall uphold the standards and ethics of journalism, function as a catalyst to tap the holistic development of the students by exposing them to the objective social realities and to the nationalist perspective of issues, defend and assert the students and the people’s right and welfare, and contribute to the development of responsible and committed student leaders and journalists, do hereby ordain and promulgate this Constitution.

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The BOE shall be the highest policy-making and the governing body of The Torch. The members of the BOE shall be selected through an Editorial Examination that shall be administered at the end of every school year by an Independent Screening Committee (ISC).

Section 2. STAFF MEMBERS. The staff members shall be composed of all regular staff writers and probationary staff writers or correspondents, visual and layout artist and photojournalist. The staff writers shall be assigned as members of the News, Features, Literary and Research Sections on a monthly basis. They shall be considered as staff members only after passing the qualifying examinations and interview (for new members), which shall be administered by members of the BOE of the staff writers and the outgoing artist and the Editor-in-Chief. The staff members need only to maintain those under the provisions set for Security of Tenure (Article VII) to maintain their membership.

Section 3. ARTISTS. The Torch shall have regular artists: two (2) regular visual artists and one (1) regular lay-out artist as permanent members, one (1) apprentice artist and one (1) apprentice lay-out artist.

Section 4. PHOTOJOURNALIST. The Torch Publication shall have one regular photojournalist.

Section 5. TECHNICAL ADVISER. The Torch Publication shall have one (1) technical adviser to be chosen by the publication, regular staff members through

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