Sample Speech On Human Resource Management Association Essay

915 Words Oct 16th, 2014 4 Pages
For the informative speech in my Communication Studies class, the topic I chose was UNCG’s Human Resource Management Association. In my speech I talked about the history of HRMA, the benefits that could come from being part of HRMA, and how the club could impact anyone’s future and social capital. In my opinion I felt as though I did a better job at communicating my information to the audience compared to my Any Old Bag speech where I kind of had to go with the flow. After reviewing my speech on Acclaim, I do feel as though there are things that I still need to work on to become a better presenter.
The process of putting together my speech was probably one of the hardest things about this assignment that I struggled with. With this new speech, we had to fill out a draft outline and then later create a formal outline. The most challenging part of organizing and outlining my speech would have had to be choosing the points I wanted to talk about and then creating additional points in order to format my ideas. The reason I saw this as being the most difficult was because the topic I chose, (Human Resource Management Association) had minimal information to begin with therefore I had to search far and wide for information to fill the time allotted. Another challenging part of the organization process was having to do a draft and a formal. I know that the draft helped to expand onto the formal outline but, I personally felt as though I could have gone without the draft completely…

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