Essay on Sample Resume : Your Dog

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your dog is here to stay with us, we will make sure they get plenty of play and are as comfortable as possible. We are here to make your dog happy and by doing so, make you happy. We will give your dog as much care and attention as humanly possible. We treat every dog equal and as our family. We want you to come back and will treat you and your dog with respect. We would love your feedback and will try to make any changes possible to make sure you are happy with your dog’s stay.
We are here to make your dog happy. Our goal is to make your dog feel like family and make it as comfortable for them as if they were home. We will try to have your dog in the best mood possible when we are grooming them. If they need a break, we will stop and come back to it later. We are going to do whatever it takes to become your permanent grooming and dog daycare/boarding company.
Operational Systems

At Dog Stay and Play we use a variety of tools and technology to improve our efficiency. We utilize telephones and fax machines to communicate with customers, suppliers and buyers. Appointments are make on our CRM (Mindbody online software) system. Currently we maintain three Dell computers, in our facilities one located at the front desk, the retail shop, and manager’s office. They are equipped with PawLoyalty Pro Software. The use of computers is a daily occurrence and vital to the operation of our business. Computer technology allows our business to promptly answer customer’s questions,…

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