Sample Resume : Your Diet Essay

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Hello, Mrs. Patricia Williams, I am Kaneisha Tucker your very own professional nutritionist. Today, I would be analyzing your diet, I will being making sure that you are getting the proper intake of all the important nutrients. As I begin to analyze the food that you have been eating, I would first like to say that you have not been making too many healthy choices when it comes to food. I will first start with the macronutrients, which are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Starting with proteins, your report indicates that you are under the requirements for proteins. Proteins are very important, I would like for you to eat more foods that are high in proteins, such as eggs and meat. Your intake of protein was 10% which is fine, but I would like for you to bring that up, also keep in mind that the requirement for proteins is 10% to 35%. Moving on to carbohydrates, it seems as if you are doing pretty well in this area. You are getting a good amount of carbohydrates in your diet, the requirement is 45% to 65%, and you seem to be right in the middle of that, which is 56%. I would like for you to keep it that way. The nutrient report indicates that fat is fine, it shows that you are right at 35%, the requirement is 20% to 35%. I would like for you to lower that just a little, please.
As I discussed proteins earlier, I would suggest you eat more foods containing proteins, because the intake of proteins were low. I would also like to point out how high your sodium intake is, which…

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