Sample Resume : Veterinary Professional Practice Essay

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Veterinary Professional Practice

PART A: Communication and Consultation Skills

Consultations tended to be initiated with a friendly, semi- casual greeting. This allowed clients to feel at ease with the veterinarian, as it would come across as less intimidating for them than being addressed in an overly rigid, formal manner. It is a way to establish a rapport with the client early on, and indicates that the consultation has a more relationship focused nature as opposed to a slightly condescending paternalistic approach. This demonstrates to the clients from the beginning that they will be respected and their concerns heard (R. Shaw, 2006). If children were present, they too were always acknowledged, which reinforced a welcoming, positive environment in the consult room. The patient would then be greeted in a manner that varied to cater to the individual patient’s attitude towards entering the consult room. For example, more timid dogs were approached in a calmer, slower fashion to put them at ease. This again illustrates to the client that the consultation will be tailored to their pet’s (and their) specific needs. This atmosphere was bolstered by an overall pleasant disposition, which was achieved via smiling and open body language that did not appear domineering.
When taking the patient’s history, the veterinarian employed multiple basic techniques to listen and understand the client. They asked open ended questions which allowed the client to include all relevant…

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