Essay on Sample Resume : The Maersk Ohio

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Based on the sample schedule above, the Maersk Ohio spent 178.2 hours in port ( 7 days 10 hours) and 493.8 hours at sea ( 20 days 14 hours). Using the metric of 8760 hours in a year, the Maersk Ohio could theoretically complete about 13 voyages a year. The Atlantic crossing, after leaving the East Coast is when the Maersk Ohio typically carries around 3200 TEU’s (Capt Leville). While leaving Le Havre, France we were typically fully loaded with around 4120 to 4140 TEUs (Voyage Abstract). To maximize revenue the ship would want to carry around 700 Reefer Containers on both directions of the Atlantic Crossings. However, some additional considerations must be mentioned that could cause delays in the passage as well as the loading/discharging of cargo which ultimately affects the vessel schedule. The most critical is weather where the Maersk Ohio crossed the North Atlantic during the winter months with severe weather. Both captains of the Ohio explained to me that they often must alter the vessel’s route to avoid the weather for the safe navigation of the vessel. This is known as weather routing and is typically sent in via the office or at the captain’s discretion. Snowstorms can also cause delays on both sides of the Atlantic as loading and discharging is halted. Berthing related issues can also effect the earning capacity of a ship, such as piloting availability, berthing availability, and port labor strikes. For example, in 2015 the west coast faced an extensive port…

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