Sample Resume : The Interior Renovations Essay

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Acceptance Criteria
The interior renovations will be completed with LEED Silver certification for all renovation materials, electrical, and HVAC systems. These renovations include the food court remodel which will pass state and government health standards and inspections, restroom update which will include feeding and changing stations, as well as, new plumbing facilities and new interior televisions on which leaseholders can load custom advertisements. The parking garage will have added 600 parking spots and will be complete with adequate drainage and security features including strong lighting and security camera feeding into the security room. The veranda will be complete with enough seating to accommodate peak shopper capacity and house the outdoor 200 sq. ft. stage and a 300 sq. ft. outdoor play area for the children. Upon Teal Commercial Developers securing the necessary resources and equipment to successfully complete each respective project milestone, UM Investments will grant approval to begin execution of the project.
Project Authority

The P-Man Mall Redevelopment Project will be evaluated by UM Investments (UMI). The allocation of funding will be determined by UMI in accordance with the redevelopment agreement with Teal Commercial Developers (TCD). Coordination of the project management functions, material distribution and procurement, contractor personnel management and compliance to the project design standards will be performed by TCD. Dual authority…

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