Sample Resume : ' The Board Of Minnesota Twins ' Essay

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To: the Board of Minnesota Twins
From: Minyue Wu
Date: November/19/2016
Re: The Sabermetrics Approach and the rebuilding of the Twins


After Chicago Cubs winning the World Series for the first time in 108 years, people have witnessed Epstein succeed in his team building strategies for the second time, while the first time is when he brought the first success in 103 years’ period to Boston Red Sox. The “sabermetrics” approach of Epstein is effective in building the team with lower cost and better player performance. While the Minnesota Twins has the worst performance in MLB in the year 2016, the board of the Twins has an urge to reform this team. In order to better rebuild the team, the WAR of the player is a main factor that the new president should consider. From the team building strategies of Epstein, one could find out that old pitchers and homegrown players have a certain correlation with a higher WAR. The legendary success of Epstein’s approach is duplicable, if the new president of Minnesota Twins could utilize the statistical concepts of the central limit theorem, the confidence interval, the Z test to find players with WAR slightly higher than the average and understand correlation does not mean causation when he considers certain characteristics of the future team members.

The Central Limit Theorem And The Size of The Database
Before deciding the future member of the team, the new president should…

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