Sample Resume : The And Beverly Draft A Will Be Possible For Your Current Financial Situation

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Ellen and Stu have a proper will in place. We recommend that you let us take a look at the will to ensure that in its current state that it will satisfy all your goals. It is important that your will reflects your wishes and fits best in your current financial situation.
We recommend that John and Beverly draft a will as soon as possible. We will help facilitate the process. It is important now to draft a will since you are expecting another child. We recommend that you begin this process as soon as possible. We understand that it is a difficult subject to think about but we also believe that it will help ease your mind.
Power of Attorney
Ellen and Stu also have the proper documents for a power of attorney in place. We recommend you bring those documents in with you in our next meeting and we will take a look at the documents. We will assess how well these documents accomplish your goals and ensure they are working with your current financial situation.
For John and Beverly we recommend assessing what you wish to accomplish with your power of attorney. We would recommend that you have a durable power of attorney. The durable feature will ensure that the person holding the power of attorney will be able to make decisions for the other in case of incapacity. It is important to have the durable power of attorney so that each one of you, if the other became incapacitated, would be able to make decisions for the other to ease the situation financially. Assets could be…

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