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Business 4050: Strategic Management I
HyundaiCard Case Write-Up
Submitted by: Jordan Loder (201213535)
Submitted to: Dr. Chansoo Park
October 31, 2016 I. Key Success Factors of HyundaiCard
Key success factors are defined as the “combination of important facts that is required in order to accomplish one or more desirable business goals” (Business Dictionary, n.d.). In the case of HyundaiCard, a Korean credit card, some key success factors include the following:
 Korean people already enjoyed making purchases using credit cards, even small purchases – this provided an opportunity for the credit card company to earn a lot of money on things likes fees and interests paid by businesses and individual shoppers (Park & Camp, 2009). Furthermore, credit cards are the most common method used by South Koreans to pay for products and services (Park & Camp, 2009).
 The HyundaiCard had the largest subscriber base of any credit card in Korea (Park & Camp, 2009).
 Specialized “HyundaiCard M” (Park & Camp, 2009) cards were a hit among male consumers and the “M Lady” card elicited a “favorable” reaction from females (Park & Camp, 2009).
 In addition to the “HyundaiCard M” and “M Lady” cards, several other customized cards were geared at attracting individualized people such as the “Cellular Phone Card”, the “Teen Group Card” and the “Revolving Card” (Park & Camp, 2009).
 High credibility and “reinforced financial stability” were established using strategic alliances (Park & Camp,…

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