Sample Resume : Self Marketing Essay

777 Words Dec 27th, 2015 4 Pages
Self-Marketing The idea of self-marketing gives an individual an opportunity to find a path or direction for their profession. The concept of this thought is to recognize that particular markets demand different advancement tactics. This acknowledgement will give a professional an indication on how to approach the job search. In addition, as a professional, one must consider every option to help them find the correct match or profession. Such appreciation is very important for all individuals, and their particular industries. The appropriate fit must be considered, this will allow the employee to strive and show high levels of dedication. These are examples of why self-marketing practices are very important. To get a better understanding of this process, this paper will focus on using Optimal resume, a comprehensive, web-based application that helps students and alumni create, present, and manage resumes (Colorado Mesa University, 2015). This web-site aids in teaching students the importance of self-marketing. Moving on, this project will focus on the use of Optimal resume and other tools to search for a career in health care administration and management for a future graduate. In addition, this paper will explore the results of job search, provide a summary of the findings, and assess the experience of practice interviews.
The Results of the Job Search The results of the job search in this field were very impressive in many forms. To begin, the healthcare industry is one…

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