Sample Resume : Resume On Job Satisfaction, Career Intentions, And Workplace Conditions

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Coaching. Begin typing here. Collaboration. Carroll (2014) viewed collaboration as an essential contributor to a school’s culture and a means to transform schools into learning organizations. School leadership is required to support planned, ongoing collaboration. District leadership, by providing job-embedded professional development and “fostering collaboration around instructional improvement” (p. 8), can help building leaders establish a collaborative school climate. This is one of the few policy documents that expanded leadership to the district level, thus recognizing that principals need district-level support to transform the working conditions in their buildings. Collegiality. Ladd (2011) stated that collegiality, or the “relationships between school leaders and teachers and interactions among teachers” (p. 237) is a fundamental workplace condition in schools. This finding is supported by Johnson et al. (2011) in their analysis of data on job satisfaction, career intentions, and workplace conditions by Massachusetts teachers. Johnson et al. (2011) asserted that “social conditioning – the school’s culture, the principal’s leadership, and relationship among colleagues” largely predicts job satisfaction and retention. They described an interdependent relationship between positive a supportive working environment, teacher retention, and student achievement (see Figure #). Positive working conditions serve to increase both teacher retention and student achievement.…

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