Sample Resume : Registered Nursing Essay

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Registered Nursing Did you know that the career of nursing is the largest out of all health professions? Campaign for Actions mentions that there are over 3 million registered nurses (“Quick Facts”). As a nurse, you will help make people feel better, and are meant to be kind and compassionate even when it is hardest. I chose nursing because I love to help other people, and definitely want to be involved with a variety of people while working. I also know that I would want to be in health care. Even though nurses are taken for granted often, it is still a good job because you help people on a day to day basis. Career Details A registered nurse can do many different things on a daily basis. While some rn’s may administer medication or help a patient with basic needs, others may be managing what each nurse should be doing that day. Nurses have different jobs depending on where they work. If a nurse works at a clinic, they usually take blood pressure, measurements, and take down information that the doctor will need for the checkup. If you are a school nurse you will be dealing with kids who have anything from a headache to a broken bone. Nurses that work in hospital also have varying jobs depending on where they work in the hospital. Some nurses may administer medication to patients or be in the room when a patient wakes up after a surgery. Nurses in hospital often take vitals and make contracts. These contracts are made by the nurses to ensure the patient 's…

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