Sample Resume : Recruitment And Selection Essay example

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Assignment no.2- Recruitment and Selection
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(a) Job advertisement
(b) Selecting and evaluating candidates
(c) 3 sources of information you need to collect about the applicants received for the advertised job
(d) mechanism (model/framework/matrix) to compare candidates so that you can make the best selection decision.
(e) letter of offer of employment to the chosen candidate

E-recruitment process have been devised for the recruitment and selection process , because its cost effective and can reach to more number of applicant in a short span of time . Moreover , according to (Rudman) requirement of age,sex should not be incorporated in the advertisement , and therefore the same has been done with my advertisement . In addition, fair trading act 1986 , prohibits conduct that is misleading or deceptive and with respect to employment .
Internet provides 2 way communication channel , so employer can communicate with potential employees while creating a bridge between the employees and employer (Rudman).

Ans.b) Selecting and Evaluating the candidate for the purpose of Senior Account Manager :
Stage 1: online application
Teamwork application question
What accomplishment you achieved as a responsibility in recruitment ?
Leadership application question
Describe a time and the outcome when you have encountered an issue and implemented your skills to overcome this.
Career choice application questions
What qualities are suitable…

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