Essay about Sample Resume : Post University

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Post University
(Waterbury, CT)

Established in 1890, Post University used to be a school to train students in bookkeeping, shorthand and typing. It started offering four-year degrees in 1976 in order to assist returning Vietnam veterans, offering programs with companies including Cigna and Johnson and Johnson shortly after. The university offers over 100 degree programs in total and has over 7,000 students in attendance.

Each of Post University’s 4 academic colleges, The Malcolm Balridge School of Business, The John P. Burke School of Public Service, The School of Education and The School of Arts and Sciences, are responsible for its online degree programs. Online associate’s degrees include management and criminal justice. Available bachelor’s degrees include child studies and computer information systems. Master’s degree options include business administration and TESOL. Certificate options include game design and counseling.

Online student resources include academic advising, online tutoring, library with over 20 academic databases and links to several online job boards.

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges provides accreditation for Post University.

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Quinnipiac University
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