Sample Resume : Panera Bread Essay

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I went to Panera Bread located in Boston, 450 Boylston Street, MA 02116 in November 18th in 6:15pm. The store is at the corner between two buildings which make it looks small. I stayed there 18minits for to go meal. Around the time I visited there, the store was less crowded. There are three other customers waiting in front of me. I saw two casher in the front and three worker in the kitchen.

Strength of the operation The first impression I felt right after I enter the store in 6:15pm was that there are wider space inside than I expected. There were wide open space in front of the casher instead of having line or lope to divide people in the line. Also, the casher counter curved half round like shaping arc, which makes the space looks wide hall. The menu board is placed on the upper wall above the casher counter. Since, it has wide space in front of the casher and menu board is placed higher than average, customers are easy to read menus. It prevent customer to block a line by spending too much time bending their neck to gaze menu right in front of the casher. Customers will proceed whenever they decided what to order and cashers are ready to take an order from whoever are ready to order. Thus, the space is created for smooth ordering system between casher and customer as well as among customers. After I ordered Chicken Alfredo for to go and pay the amount, I was asked to proceed to the pick-up counter behind the casher at 6:20. The structure of the casher counter and…

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