Sample Resume : Outside Negotiation Essay

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Ruoni Xiong
Outside Negotiation
Sold 2013 Range Rover Sport HSE for $44,000, all-inclusive
BATNA $36,000
Overall Evaluation
Through developing trust, focusing on interests not positions, and fulfilling each other’s need, we were able to create value, reduce unnecessary costs, and integrate. Moreover, this negotiation taught me the importance of preparation. Nothing replaces hard work. By investing my time, applying concepts learned in class, analyzing various markets, seeking for professional advice, I was fortunate to gain a $6000 premium for the resale of my car.
This negotiation was integrative because we have developed trust, focused on interests not positions, and fulfilled each other’s need. As a result, we reduced many of the unnecessary third-party costs such as agent fees, marking costs, and transaction costs.
First, Trust is the foundational principle that holds relationships. It opens the door for exchanging information. Hence, my goal for this negotiation was to gain his trust for me and for the vehicle in three different stages. In the early stage of the negotiation, I focused on establishing my personal credibility, aware that he was looking at various car-buying options. Therefore, I spent majority of the time establishing trust through common friends and casual conversations. I asked questions to learn more about him such as where he is from, what does he do, what’s his current situation. Fortunately, we are very much alike. We are both…

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