Sample Resume : Nursing Home Essay

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I started working in nursing in 1998 as a CNA in a local nursing home. The nursing home I worked in did not require mandatory overtime for nursing staff. Nurses and CNAs could volunteer to stay over and work if they wanted. If staffing could not be found, everyone just had to work short. This was not a very big issue at the time and we usually had enough staffing to cover the facility, but things have changed and most facilities are short nursing staff.
The last two facilities that I worked at mandated staff when they were short workers. As a charge nurse I often had to mandate staff to stay over, which was very stressful because a lot of staff members would get mad and yell and curse and refuse to stay. I often felt bad about making them stay over because I understood how they felt. As a single mother of two boys, I know how upsetting it is when you are told it’s your turn to stay over, especially when it is fifteen minutes before your shift ends. If someone refused to stay over they were written up or threatened with being reported to the nursing board for abandonment.
I agree that mandatory overtime in nursing is needed to make sure that patients get the care that they need, even though I do not like to be mandated. If nurses in nursing homes or hospitals were not mandated to stay over due to short staffing, the facilities would not be compliant with state acuity laws and the patients would be the ones that would suffer.…

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