Sample Resume : Nurse Patient Relationship Essay

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UTA RN-BSN is a convenient program for the working RN who wants to obtain the BSN degree. Due to the benefit of the program, I am very excited to start the program at the beginning of March 2016. At first, I began with one class to see how the class goes with my working schedule, after that I increased to 2-3 courses at a time. I take the classes each start day so I can finish the program by December.
Nurse-patient relationship is a dynamic process, it is goal-oriented, and it is patient-centered. It is designed to meet patient’s needs. In this relationship, nurses establish trust with the patient while respecting patients’ dignity, autonomy, and privacy. To provide the safest care to the patient, nurses must understand the concepts of professional boundaries (Letterio, 2016). With advanced prevention and preparation, further research, and consistent self-awareness, nurses can create a safe and therapeutic environment. It is clear to me that I am now more aware of this issue of professional boundaries than I was before I took the legal course. Before the course, nursing was just giving care to the patient. One has to do one’s best to make sure that the patient can get the best quality care they can. I never thought of any inappropriate actions or behaviors that could arise in the workplace. After the course, however, I realized that even a little overreaction could lead to a violation of professional boundaries. I need to be more knowledgeable to my behaviors and other…

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