Essay on Sample Resume : My Clinical Practicum

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During my 45-hour clinical practicum, I gained new experiences and applied previous learning into practice. The first day was quite overwhelming. Nonetheless, my preceptor made me feel welcomed and eased my anxiety by patiently explaining things. Our day started with patient rounding in the Cardiac Critical Care Unit. Every morning, the administrative leaders round on patients and inquire about their current experience in the hospital, satisfaction of their pain management and environment, and any complaints or recognitions. Then they discuss and try to resolve the issues identified from the survey during the leadership huddle. I believe that this practice is effective in achieving patient satisfaction and ensuring high quality of care. After observing my preceptor conduct the survey on the first day, I took on the task of leading the patient rounds the rest of my clinical practicum. This experience made me connect with the patients and ascertain specific quality improvement needs, which should be handled by the administration.
Furthermore, another clinical experience that facilitated the realization of my first goal is my participation in the Quality Review System (QRS), which is the institution’s version of Joint Commission. Before the group of reviewers came to the hospital, I assisted my preceptor in the preparation of the units. We made sure that all the supplies are up-to-date and that hospital policies are properly implemented. During the QRS, we followed the…

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