Sample Resume : Multi Color Corporation Essays

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At the beginning of this journey I thought majoring in accounting would be the perfect major for me. Therefore interning at Multi-Color Corporation, I thought would be the perfect opportunity. Multi-Color is a label company that prints over 10 million labels a day. There are over 45 different plants all around the world and the Scottsburg plant usually produces the most sales. The accounting department basically keeps the company running. Without the accounting department bills would not get paid or bills would not get mailed out for the customers to pay. At Multi-Color there are four main accountants: Accounts Payable (Melissa Campbell), Accounts Receivable (Tiffany Lowe), Cost Accountant (Jeremy Hafer), and Accounting Coordinator (Shari Schmidt). Some of the tasks we decided would be good for me to do at the beginning of my internship would be to learn the AP Process, AR Process, Job Cost Process, and lastly learn how to close jobs. Over my 13 weeks of being at my internship, I learned a lot of useful information that will tremendously help when I start taking accounting classes in college. Some of the everyday tasks I would do at my internship was: coding freight, entering PO’s into the computer system, complete/close jobs, and learning how to bill people. Over fall break I had the opportunity to actually work a whole week at my internship. I worked for the accounts payable person and would basically do everything they would do on a normal day. This was a very unique…

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