Essay Sample Resume : Meal Vfcl

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Last week, I invited few friends to share a meal with me on campus and spend quality time engaging in a theological conversation. Two of these friends are students at Garrett- Evangelical Theological Seminary, both of them are Master of Divinity students, My seminary friends included Becca Cali and Sara Jones. Besides this, I also invited three other friends. Another of my invitees was my African American colleague named Vannae Savig, who serves as a Pastoral Intern at my Field Site, the Evanston Vineyard Church. She is a married and has a five year old daughter. One of these friends, named Yanning Yu is Chinese, an international student. Currently, she is a Northwestern Ph. D student and studies at the School of Social Polity. She attends the Northwestern Chinese Christian Fellowship every Friday at the Annenberg Hall. Another friend is Daniel Tucker who is doing his Ph.D at the Linguistics Department at Northwestern University and attends Northwestern Christian Graduate Fellowship.
Knowing the gifts, understanding and motivation that these friends bring to serve the communities that they represent, I interacted with them with a theological stance. I asked them questions in relation to topic about using our gifts, for the community they are associated with, through worship or people on a personal and /or professional contact as their neighbors. This was in connection to the course reading, The Abundant Community. Surprisingly, all my friends brought a diverse…

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