Sample Resume : Marketing And Sales Domain Essay example

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I am currently an undergraduate student in business management field looking to broaden my experience in marketing and sales domain. My grasp on key business concepts is firm. Since business industry is a broad-ranging term, it entails in itself myriad of domains for facilitating best practices. I have attended university-organized employability week sessions for ascertaining my area of interest with respect to maximizing potential use of my skill. It takes meticulous planning and extensive research to workout a feasible career plan with respect to my chosen field of interest. I have a sound working knowledge of market trends and consequent demand driven professions.
Experience in Marketing Field
On becoming a fresh graduate from a respectable business school, I am a self-empowered individual, facilitating myself in range of key business concepts. More so, my eidetic memory is fully capable of rephrasing key marketing concepts and viable strategies implemented by companies during numerous scenarios by reading business case studies extensively. Having interned during graduate school as a compulsory requirement, it gave me an in-depth exposure to marketing strategies and business processes. Key courses learnt during business school include human resource, risk management, finance analysis, and introduction to economics and accounting. I am a highly organized individual, prioritizing tasks by their necessity (Peloquin, 2015).
Lessons Gleaned from Employability Week…

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