Essay about Sample Resume : Job Health Safety

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equipment is to be worn at all times, as appropriate, given the employee 's job duties.

It is also every employee 's responsibility to fully understand and be prepared to safely and properly perform the duties and tasks of his/her job; to quickly and carefully follow all instructions; and to correctly use and maintain office or medical equipment and instruments. Any questions about job health/safety are to be discussed with the Supervisor/Practice Manager or the physician/owner on clinical questions. If an employee is uncertain about a health/safety procedure, he/she is not to guess; the employee should ask his/her Supervisor/Practice Manager.

Depending on their job duties employees will be provided with information about the hazards of any chemicals or other hazardous materials with which they may have contact in the office. All chemical products and other hazardous materials used in the office are to be properly identified and· labeled and otherwise handled in accordance with OSHA standards.

In compliance with OSHA, if an employee believes that he/she is being exposed to a known or suspected hazard when working with toxic chemicals or substances, the employee has the right to know about such hazards through material safety data sheets (MSDS).

Employees are to ask the Supervisor/Practice Manager to review with them any MSDS that is related to their job duties and responsibilities.

The Practice expects every employee to…

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