Sample Resume : Functional Nursing Essay

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Discussion I Functional nursing is a task-oriented method wherein a particular nursing function is assigned to each staff member, like the medication nurse, treatment nurse and bedside nurse. Personally, I consider this method a method centered on a task, not on the patient. Care of patients become fragmented and depersonalized, patients do not have one identifiable nurse, there is a very narrow scope of practice for RNs, all this factors leading to patient and nurse dissatisfaction. If I will have a chance to change something in delivery care in my work place, I would prefer to use the team nursing method. According to Tran et al.(2010), the team nursing is a model of care which delivers nursing care to a group of patients using a team of nurses and other staff with varying levels of education and skills, under the direction of a RN, often referred to as the team leader. The team member possessing the skill needed by the individual patient is assigned to that patient, but the team leader still has accountability for all of the care. In this method, each member’s capabilities are maximized so job satisfaction is high and patients have one nurse with immediate access to other health providers (p.149). This method requires good communication between all members of the team. First of all, I would like to have a discussion with my unit manager and I will ask about the benefits of the style of patient care they are using, if they have positive outcomes using this method, if…

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